Tuesday, 27 November 2012

mini haul!

For the past 3-4 months ive had a spontaneous makeup buying issue, and i mean issue. I haven't purchased any new clothes in god knows how long! i didn't exactly march into town with wads of cash so this haul will only be a small one.
For the past couple of months I have had my eye on this Topshop top which I decided at £18 was a bit over priced for what it is. But I kept coming back to it and thinking about it, so i decided id just go ahead and buy it. Needless to say, i love it to pieces and i am defiantly glad i can now say i own it; what with it gradually getting quite popular. The quality is good, it feels a bit stiff but im not sure if this is just because it is new or not yet, it will defiantly last me a good while.

When primark, i noticed they had brought out some girls hoodies, so instead of paying £12 for a mens one, the girl ones are only £8, they come in several different colours but i decided i liked the burgundy coloured one the best. It isn't the most amazing thing on earth, its very thin and not brilliant quality, but it is surprisingly warm and i will defiantly go back and pick this up in a couple of other colours i liked, i see no reason to fork out £22 on a Topshop one when i could spend £8 on something identical in Primark.
I have needed some regular skinny jeans for the longest time, I always wear a certain brand/style of blue skinny's (no joke, i own three pairs of the same trousers!) because they are so comfortable and fit me perfectly. I can never find skinny jeans that fit nicely because I have wider thighs due to riding and really small ankles in comparison and they just look wrong. Fortunately i also found these in Primark reduced because one of the belt loops was broken which will be mega easy to fix, they are really stretchy, comfortable and fit me really nicely! i got them in a size 8 which for Primark i worried might be a little bit to small because i find i normally need one size bigger in there, alas they fit like a glove, horrah! if your looking for a cheapy pair of jeans you can wear without worrying your going to ruin, these are the ones for you! now lets see how long it takes for them to fall apart.
The last thing i got was eyeliner, since i was running worryingly low (i cannot live without eyeliner). I decided I wanted the Loreal super liner carbon gloss eyeliner, but they had sold out so I picked up the regular superliner instead. Now, when i tested it i picked up the plain black one, when i picked one up to buy, i accidentally got a sparkly one... oops! however the glitter is minimal and i think it actually looks quite flattering, so all is forgiven, we can at last be friends!


  1. I've wanted that Topshop top for so long!

    1. i definatly reccomend it! although i would say go to the shop and try it on before buying, mine is a small and it looks like a dress on me! x